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Would you survive a nuclear war?

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It's Sunday and it's somewhere around noon, you're watching TV and an emergency broadcast appears on the screen. They say a nuclear missle is inbound on your location. What do you do?



You survive but your entire town is destroyed. What's the first thing you do when you come out?



You see some helicopters coming and survivors get on, what do you do?



Assuming that you got on, the pilot falls asleep in mid flight. The helicopter starts going down, and you see some parachutes; What's the first thing you do?



The helicopter crashes but you survive. About half a mile away, you see one of your friends' houses. What do you do?



You see some planes fly by. You notice that they're flying low and they're obviously military planes. They start dropping bombs suddenly. What do you do?



Do you have a plan for a nuclear invasion?



What's the safest place at your house?



How large is your town? (Likelihood of being "attacked")



Last but not least, do you think you would survive?


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