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Should I gain weight?

I've been noticing my belly getting fatter recently, and I want to know if I should continue gaining weight!
Please be 100% honest and try not to only pick the highest or lowest options. That will make the results more interesting!


This is a picture of my belly resting on the top of my lap.

Based on this picture, I should...



When I stand up, I can just barely see the tips of my toes. (I'm getting so fat that in this picture you can't even see my toes lol)

Edit: It has been a day since I made this question and I can no longer see my toes at all!

Based on this picture, what do you think I should do?



I just ate a massive dinner and feel very stuffed and bloated. My pants feel really tight and it's hard to move around!

I should...



My belly extends many multiple inches past the top of my pants.

What should I do?



Sometimes I find it hard to get up because my belly is getting in the way.

What should I do?



I can barely even lean over because my belly keeps getting in the way.

What should I do?



I am overweight and have an above average amount of belly fat. My doctor tells me that I should lose weight to shrink my belly to a healthier size. My belly is currently fatter than 96% of people my age.

What should I do?



In about a month, everyone in my health class at school has to step on a scale to make sure they are at a healthy weight! (In front of the whole class!!!)

What should I do? (I am honestly kinda scared for this)



How much weight should I gain? (I'm trying to be realistic, I can't actually gain 100 pounds right now lol)



You much weight should I lose?



Overall, what do you think of my belly?



Did you like the quiz?


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