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Do you have a big belly quiz

Are you chubby or even obese. You will need yourself, friend,overweight friend, tight shirt, food,weight gain.


First of all have your friend measure the width of your belly and the width of there belly. Who is fatter



Put on your smallest shirt (if you don’t and you are fatter than your friend than wear there shirt if they want you to.). Now sit down. How many fat rolls can you see through the shirt?



Now stand up wearing the shirt. Ask your friend for how high up they think the shirt is.



What gender are you?



Now sit down. Get your friend to play with your belly. What did they feel?



Ask your friend what there personal opinion is of your weight.



Carry on from last question.



Take a break and eat a big snack or meal. Now come back and put on the tight shirt from the beginning on. Ask your friend if you have expanded the shirt.



Challenge: Get your friend to measure your belly and weight. Now compare one another. Who is fatter?



Now wear some tight pants/trousers make sure you are not wearing a top. If you have a fat friend get them to do the same. Smack one another’s belly’s and jiggle them. Now ask your friend to see who was the best at belly jiggling.



What is your age?



Scenario: you are at school in p.e. It is really hot outside and you are a boy. The teacher says you can be topless whilst doing sports. Everyone is fat including you in your class. Do you take of your top?



Scenario: pretend you are in Hansel from Hansel and gretel. You are Hansel and eat all the food and you are chubby. You then find it hard to wear you clothes what do you do?


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