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Want to get fat

I'm here to help any kids who want to gain, who are unsure, or who need advice!


Are you fat? Do you feel uncomfortable about your weight? Do you want to get fatter? Or maybe your super buff? (Also this is for boys only sorry girls) Also this is the wrong kind of quiz, none of the answers are actually "Correct".



I can help you with all of that! Eamil Michaelcenova@gmail.com with a picture and/or pictures of you for advice, encouragement, or even help with gaining / losing / maintaining weight!



Here's how it works: Depending on how many pics or vids you send me, you get this stuff:
1-3 pictures: You get encouragement and I'll chat with you
4-5 pics: I'll give you advice and tips.
6+ pics: I'll send you help to gain/lose/maintain weight!
Videos get you everything if they are at least 30 seconds long.



Content wise, shirtless pictures are best. You can have pants or shorts on or whatever, but no shirt if possible. Pictures from multiple different angles are awesome! If you feel uncomfortable, just do whatever suits you.



Remember, I will keep your pics private and nobody else will ever see them.



Also, you can submit special requests with your pics! You can ask for feedback, advice, or whatever!



If you submit up to 5 times to me, I'll share with you a photo of me!



Email me with any questions!



Poll: What do YOU want right now?



Poll #2: Will you email me?


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