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Can I make you crap your pants?

In this test I will try to make you poop your pants. Make sure that you need to go before you take this test.


I will do this test with you. You know… “ share the pain”…?



How much on a scale 1-9 do you need to crap?



Before we get started on the challenges, read this on the toilet full clothed.

Your at your friend’s house eating cake because it was your friend’s birthday! You were so hungry that you ate 6 slices of cake 5 (trust me I would do the same)! But it was time to go to the mall with your friend to have fun like playing arcade games and buying clothes. A few hours later the cake really got to you and you needed to go VERY BADLY. Your friend allowed you to go to the public restroom, but it was really far away from where you were (yes, malls can be humongous). There wasn’t any other one nearby, so you had to do it. You ran down the hallways as you felt the poop coming to the end of your lower intestines. It wasn’t gonna be long until I mess myself! you thought. I need to run faster! You got finally got to the restroom but the poop was sticking out of your crack!!! You rushed to the stalls. First one: out of order. 2nd: occupied. 3rd: out of order. 4th: vacant! You got in to the stall… ,but… it was to late. The massive amount of poop slid into your pants. 5 more major loads came out too. Your pants were filled to the brim! But you like the feeling, actually. You loved how it squished around… and you sat in it the whole rest of the day because you like it!

How do you feel now?



OK! Get into a squat position and push hard for 5 seconds each time.



Go watch some videos of people pooping their pants.



Let your poop stick out for 3 seconds, then stop it. Could you stop it?



I soiled myself on the most recent task! (You: How’d it feel?) Well, I LOVED how it fell in my pants. I squished it with my hands and it felt so good… you should try it! (pls don’t judge me) Also, if you soiled your pants, say that you soiled you pants for the rest of the questions.



Imagine you letting it all go… sit on the toilet clothed please while doing this.



Last one! Ok. Sit on the toilet clothed and push REALLY hard for 30 seconds! You okay?



How’d you do?


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