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Questionnaire for children under 13

Here is a questionnaire. I want you to fill it in because I want to know how you feel about your weight and life. REMEMBER: IF YOU DON'T WANT IT, DON'T DO IT! Everyone is different, I don't care if you are super unhealthy or very thin and super healthy, you don't have to be ashamed of what you fill in in this test. Just fill it in seriously and honestly. Good luck filling it out, it doesn't take long and it's not difficult. (One more thing: your unhealthiness and fatness is not included in the result).


What’s your age? (If you are older, take the quiz for teenagers aged 13-18, and if you are an adult the questionnaires are not for you).



Where are you from? (Not to go to you)



Do you consider yourself fat? (So ​​not just chubby)



If you consider yourself fat, Do you consider yourself even obese? (So ​​very fat and seriously overweight)



Are you bullied about your weight?



Do you stick to the advice to exercise at least an hour a day?



Do you stick to the advice to eat and drink enough, not too much, and healthy?



Do you want to lose weight, gain weight, or do you want to keep it the way it is now?



If you are fat, have you always been fat, or have you become so after a maximum of 2 years?



Are you a member of a sports club?



If your friends order fries, would you do the same if you could?



If you are overweight (too heavy), what do you think is the main reason?



What kind of body type would you like to have?



Are you happy with your weight?



Even if you are overweight, are you still happy with your weight?



When you eat, you eat:



When you eat, you eat: (More answers)



How often do you eat from a fast food restaurant? (doesn't matter if you go out for dinner in an expensive restaurant, or just order late from the fries shop).



Last question about you: If you had to pick one extra nickname out of all these nicknames, which one would you choose?



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