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Can I win this gutpunch contest?

I'm 16y w180lbs h6'3 I practice some martial arts thrice a week. My opponent is 13y w200lbs h5'6 and does not exercise at all. I have to receive the first 10 gutpunches. And hold my arms behind my back. the first to give up loses. And the winner gets 50 bucks.


Left belly gets trampled by 200lbs
Right belly gets trampled by 180lbs
Who would give up first?



Which belly can handle more pain from slapping



Which tummy can handle more gutpunches?



Which body can do more crunches



Who can give harder punches?



Which belly has the stronger abs



Which belly should receive the first 10 punches to make it more fair.



Which belly can endure the stomach claw for longer



Who do you like to see win



A friend of his proposes a handicap match giving me 5 additional gutpunches. So it becomes 15 punches for me to receive and only 10 to give each round. For 25 bucks extra should I accept it. Can I still win while getting double teamed in a sort of handicap match?



Who would make the better punching bag


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