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Have I Gained Weight?

During the holidays I usually treat myself a bit (mmm… who can resist those Christmas puddings, chocolates, and cookies) and exercise less, but I always got back in shape for the spring. I’ve always been a really active girl (I did cheerleading and softball). But now that we’re quarantined and everything is canceled… um, let’s just say I’ve maintained my “holiday habits” for the past several months :$. Have I put on some weight? Let me know what you think. The pictures on the left are me before the holiday season and the pictures on the right are me now.


This is my belly standing up in tight pants. What do you think? In case you didn’t read the intro, the left pic is several months ago and the right pic is now.



Pinching my belly in the same posture/pants. Have I gained?



Sitting in the same pants. Am I fatter?



Standing in the same pants but from the side.



Sitting from the side view in the same pants. Have I gained weight?



Squeezing my belly fat sitting down. What do you think?



Trying to suck in while sitting. Chubbier?



Standing from the back (yeah I know I know, where’d my booty go? I haven’t worked out in a while ok?).



Standing in high-waisted jeans. Thoughts?



Sitting in the same pants. Am I bigger? (Sorry for the bad before pic quality!)


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