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How do you react to gaining weight FAST

First test don’t judge please


Do you wake up, and notice you gained 200 pounds overnight (search up your weight measurements if you don’t know what pounds are)



You go in the kitchen and notice that there’s only junk food and new fast food from last night



You go in the bathroom and look in the mirror and it look like you gaining by the second!?!



It lunch and (no matter what you did) you gained 400 pounds what do you do?



You go to the bathroom and you Weigh 1700 pounds what do you do?



You’ve be came immobile weighing at around 2500 pounds



You go to the bathroom and step on the scale you notice the numbers have stopped going up now what?



You fall asleep (if you hadn’t choose to) and wake up to you weighing 5000 pounds what now?



You wake up from the dream or nightmare of gaining weight, your back to normal maybe even more fit (or fat your Choice) how do you feel



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