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Don't mess yourself

(READ THIS ITS IMPORTANT) This test is a challenge, but you are being faced with the possibility of soiling yourself. If you don't want anything to do with that you should probably leave. This is mostly about your bowels, and you're welcome to empty your bladder before starting. That being said you're expected to really have to go. Be sure that you're desperate before starting this test.


(read description) Before we start, you have to feel like you need to go number 2. Maybe eat something filling and come back in a bit when you have to go. If you've gone today already, come back tomorrow.



So who do we have here?



What kinda pants you wearing?



Firstly, how bad is the urge right about now?



Now, go sit on the toilet or on an edge of some kind so you're unable to press your butt into your seat to hold it. Keep your clothing on, and stay there for 5 minutes. How are you?



Now do some squats. Let's say 20 squats (you can spread them out as you'd like) If you have to pause, keep in the squatted position. What happened?



Take a short breather for about 20 seconds. Just hold it. Now go back to a really low squat, and stop trying to hold it. Completely relax and don't resist the urge in that position for 3 minutes. How'd you do?



Now get into a kneeling position, and and push a little bit 5 times for 3 seconds each time. Don't stop kneeling till you've pushed all 5 times. What happened?



Now sit back down on a solid surface, and push as hard as you can for a minute... done? How you holding up?



Finally, get on your feet, and spread your legs out. feel free to lean on something in front of you. Now squat slightly and push hard for 45 seconds... How you feeling?



All right we're done. How's things?


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