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Would You Survive the Tickle Monster?

You wake up in the middle of the night and see that you're chained to a table. The tickle monster was on the other side of the room. Would you survive? (If you score 50 and higher, I'm coming for you with my Tickle Tools :DDDD)


What is your worst fear if you're strapped to a table (in your undies) and there are 12 people around you?



A person comes in with a briefcase. He opens it. You see a toothbrush, down-feather, electric toothbrush, feather duster, and several other TORTURE weapons. What is your reaction?



Where are you MOST ticklish?



He starts tickling you. What would you do? (he knows you're tickle spot ^-^)



If you where to count on someone to save you, who would it be?



Whoever you picked to come and save you eventually arrives. They're captured and tickled too. What position would everyone (including you) be held in?



Tickle Monster is now tickling you again.



You realize there's no hope, you're choking undr your own laughter. What do you do?



He FINALLY lets you all go. What do you do now?



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