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The embarrassing toilet scenarios

Tap the choices for the one you will most likely do. Bonus: do some of these.


Ok, would you honestly do some of these in real life?



First up! You are at a mall surrounded by people, and the nearest bathroom is a while away and broken! What do you do?



Next, your'e in a hiking trail with abuncha strangers, but you have needed to go badly for the past 10 minutes. What do ya do?



Your'e at home when that 2 cups of soda rushed into your bladder. Welp, can't use the bathroom because rommie's in there. So...?



Woah! You are so close to your personal best in a video game, but you're doing the potty dance in your chair. What now?



Now, your'e at a beach and you get the feeling that you need to go really bad. This is a crowded beach, which means anyone could be watching. What's next?



Oh no, your'e at a family outing and you need to go pretty badly, what's gonna happen?



Now, your'e at a carnival full of people, but you can't find the porta-toilets anythere. You feel a sudden jolt in your bladder which you have limited time, what do you do?



Quick question, do you need to go right now? Does not count to score.



Final question! Your'e on an not that empty bus with a crappy bookbag, and your'e squirming just to hold your pee. What now?


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