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denotes an age-restricted test.

How many kids could you fight? - Would you be able to defeat 20 kids or even more before they fight back? Click here!
How much of a sissyslut are you - A tests for you to see if you belong on your knees in panties or standing up in front of those on their knees
Humiliation punishment generator - This quiz will give u the perfect punishment for what you’ve done
The spanking test - There are a lot of spanking tests on here, but this is the ultimate one. Found out if you truly need to be spanked. ANSWER HONESTLY. DONT LIE.
How desperately do you have to pee? - Can your bladder wait, or are you about to burst? Take this test to find out!
Which w e d g i e do you deserve? - In which way should your underwear be pulled? Boys only.
Weight gain role play - Get fat roleplay
Try not to mess yourself - Desperation - Have to go? Are you in need of a toilet? Then try this quiz! Be warned though; you might leave with a mess in your pants...
Should you still wear diapers? - Are you sufficiently toilet trained?
What underwear do you need? - Should you wear regular underwear? Or something else?
Do you have a big belly quiz - You will need a friend for this quiz and 2 tight shirts.
I can make you poop your pants - Do these challenges and see how long you last
Would you survive if you were kidnaped - My test is all about survival can you take it
Do you need bedwetting diapers? - this test will see if you need dipers for bedwetting. This test is nearly 100% medically and mentaly accurate so remember to seriously consider what it says.
Are You A Cannibal? - This test will assess wheather or not you are a cannibal.

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