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denotes an age-restricted test.

Am i hairy(for 13) - I want to know if I’m hairy for my age
Sniper fury - My test is all about the sniper and how cool it is
PUNISHMENT DECIDER - deciding your punishment
Diaper roleplay - you are put in diapers
Would you survive if you were kidnaped - My test is all about survival can you take it
Fat or not? - Look at the pictured and tell me if I am fat
Will you poo yourself? - Can you hold it?
Is my stomach getting fat? With pics - Looking to see if others think I'm getting fay around my stomach
Punishments for Shoplifting (College) - How should I be punished for being caught trying to shoplift makeup from a store?
I will make you look fatter. - I will photoshop your body to make you look fatter.
Am i fat - Welcome to my test guys
Do you know dragon ball super - Do you know dragon ball super
Impossible quiz - You can’t complete this test :)
Punishment quiz - Take this test now
Am I fat for a 15 yo boy? - Tell me If I’m fat or not! Just for fun, I don’t care about bad answers.

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