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denotes an age-restricted test.

Is my friend fat? - We kind of want to know to give us an idea of their lifestyle by statistics
Am i fat - Am I fat pls be honest
Random quiz of quiz - Random quiz of quiz
Am i fat? - I am 10 years old and I am 126 lbs aka 57 kilos
Am I fat? - I am 12 years old, around 5 feet, and around 80 pounds. I want to know if you think im fat enough, gain more or lose some.
Should I gain fat ? - Hey I’m 15 and think that I wanna gain (Test made for 13-16 please respect that thx ;)
I can make you poop your pants - Do this at your own risk
Twin telepathy test - Twin telepathy test
Miraculous ladybug superfandom quiz - Small lil quick mlb Fandom quiz! Enjoy!
Are you nice? - See how nice you are!
Must I take weight?(For 9-15) - Must I take weight?(For 9-15 years old)Can you recommence the quiz please.
Do you want to lose or take weight? - Do yuo want to lose or take weight?(For 9-15 years old and for the boy who made 'Am I Fahsh')
bathroom accident scenario - Have you ever had an accident at school or in front of people?? This is the quiz for you!!
Am i fahsh - I know I’m fat but what do you think

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