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denotes an age-restricted test.

Classic Fallout - how well do YOU know fallout 1 and 2?
how many do you love ian longshroe - how many you lvoe puwwuwu
Inroleaza-te in Armata Cineva! - Acesta este testul oficial de inrolat in Armata Cineva,gazduita de Cineva & Co!
Can I make you crap your pants? - This test is to see if I can make you poop your pants. There will be 15 questions.
what is ur perfect weight?? - take this test to see ur perfect weight
Do you use KIK? - Do you use Kik Messenger?
Would I date you? (Boys only) - This is a test to see who would date me. I'm G.a.y so boys only
how fat am I? - Tell me how fat you think I am through this test
Would you date me? (teenagers) - Am I the perfect guy for you? Do you have similar interests and am I your type when it comes to looks??? Find out!
I will make you look fatter/thinner - I will make a photo of you look fatter or thinner.
Questions about holding your pee in. - This test will ask you questions about holding your pee in.
Am I fat? - Am I very fat??????
Would I date you? (G.A.Y guys only 16+) - This is only for fun = 'D
geography - geography test. this will test your knowledge of the worlds countries.
How well do you know geography? - A quiz to test how well you know geography!

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