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denotes an age-restricted test.

bananahummock - I lyk random tings dey r fun ?
Frozen Test - A test on how well you know the film Frozen.
can you survive the apocalypse - states if you will survive the zombie apocalypse.
Niceness - Are you nice?
does he like you back? - does a boy like you? find out
How well do you know Dove Cameron - Dove Cameron's life
Nick Jonas - Are you a true Nick Jonas fan?
Do you know your Guns? - A quiz on how well you know military firearms.A simple quiz with 1 correct answer per question.
Are you really derpy? - im gonna test ur derpyness
The Bible Quiz!!!! - This quiz will tell how much you know about the Bible
are you a teen baby - are you a true teen baby or not
are you a justin bieber hater? - do you hate Justin bieber?
Are You A Cloth Nappy Addict? - If you have ever used Real Nappies, you will know that they really can get addictive! All those different fabrics, embroidery, designs, shapes, brands...its so tempting to try them all!
Do U Want It - how bad do you want to have it
Are you random? - You are not cool, awesome nor me:)

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