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denotes an age-restricted test.

wizards of waverly place test!! - want to see how well you know wizards of waverly place
How well do you know Roblox Prison Life? - So, how well DO you know it then?
Are you a Gamer - Are you a gamer of not?
Pokemon Quiz - Test your knowledge of Pokemon, their types and abilities
Survival of a zombie outbreak - This test will tell how likely you are to avoid getting infected or killed.
Do you feel like it's true love? - Is it really true love with you and your crush?
are you cool a wannabe or normal - wanna find out if your cool or not or maybe one of those wannabes, or normal well this is the test for you!
Would you be my frend? - Will you end up being my frend in the future?
Zombies!!! Can you survive - This test will grade you on how far you will survive in the upcoming zombie apocalypse
Fnaf Quiz. Are you smart enough. - Do you dare enter this quiz.
how long you will last in zombieland - this test is about how long YOU will last in zombieland you have probebly see the movie it is all about the main character but what is hapining to you in all of this
freindship - how good-a freind are you
I can make you pee! - Do you have to pee? Take this test!
Among Us Quiz - Among Us Quiz..............
Are you a DanTDM fan? - Are you a fan of DanTDM? Take this test to know!

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