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denotes an age-restricted test.

Do you know Minecraft? - This is a minecraft test.
how well do you know pokemon? - this test is only for people who watch the show pokemon
Does God Love You Still? - What have you done wrong in your life? Do you know if God still loves you?
How well do you know video games - Let's see how well you know your video games from minecraft to cod and many many more
TheDiamondMinecart Quiz! - See if you know TheDiamondMinecart!
How Popular are you? - You think your popular, find out with this quiz?
how well do u know hannah montana - find out if ur the #1 Hannah Montana fan
MINECRAFT QUIZ - a nice easy mc quiz
how long you will last in zombieland - this test is about how long YOU will last in zombieland you have probebly see the movie it is all about the main character but what is hapining to you in all of this
R U JUSTIN BIEBER'S BIGGEST FAN?? - just have fun taking the test lol
FNAF not scary 3 and 4 - This is only about fnaf not scary 3 & 4
Warrior Cat Quiz - Find out your warrior cat name, looks etc
Which FNaF Character are you? - A simple test to find out which FNaF character you are.
popularmmos quiz - Are you a fan of popularmmos?Lets see...

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