The Nerd Test, ver 2.0

Welcome to the upgraded's Nerd Test!

This nerd test will ask serious and funny questions of you to determine exactly what kind of nerd you are, or if you tend towards geekiness in a particular category. Are you a Computer Geek, a Nerd King, a Mega-Dork, or one of the many other nerd-types that exist?

Just like many of the tests on this site, you will receive an award graphic so that you can show others how much of a nerd you are, with the additional ability to customize the graphic with your own picture!

Have fun and share this test with others!

First off, have you taken the original Nerd Test located on this site?
(the link opens in a new window if you're curious about checking it out)


Now we need to collect some demographics to see who and where the nerds are. These next 3 questions have no effect on your nerd scores.

What do you claim to be?

How old are you?

Which continent do you live on?

Okay, now that we are done with what and who you are it is time to move on to the hard-hitting, serious, and mind-bending questions to determine your nerdiosity!

Is nerdiosity a real word?

Why are you taking this test?

How long have you been on the computer, straight, before starting this test?

While not at work working, what do you spend most of your time on the computer doing?


With that word emphatically displayed, you got...

Do you spend more time reading words on the screen or on paper?

Alright... time to get away from the computer stuff.

When you are not on the computer, what do you do?

Of the following, what was/is your favorite subject in school?

How's your romantic life?


The last time you read something (not on the computer) it was...

Are you currently in the middle of reading a 300+ page book?

The creator of Battlestar Galactica was also responsible for...

...and he/she is...

Who was Aristotle's teacher? (You know, Aristotle, as in the famous Greek philosopher)

Speaking of Aristotle, he made a claim that later proved incorrect, which was that...

What is the heaviest element that a star can produce through fusion, before going supernova?

What is the approximate age of the Sun?

Can you code?

In terms of programming languages, what is your experience with...



...C / C++


Do you own a comic book collection?

If you had the choice of a pet, you'd pick

When I say TOS or TNG, what comes to mind?

Do you have any books by Carl Sagan in your bookshelf?

You know he smoked pot, right?

Do you care that your socks have holes in them?

Was the last naked thing you saw on the computer screen?

Do you own any TV series season(s) of the following on DVD or VHS: Star Trek (any series), Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Dr. Who, Thundercats, Lost in Space...


When watching JEOPARDY...

The Hundred Years war lasted 106 years.

Do you quote movies?

Can you physically obtain (i.e. not from the Internet), in less than 15 seconds...

...a periodic table?

...your IP address

...a DC or Marvel comic?

...a Pokemon action figure?

...a globe and/or map?

...of the Ancient World?

...a scientific calculator (with graphing capabilities)?

...a slide rule?

...a command prompt?

...on your cell phone?

...a 1977 Star Wars t-shirt?

...a Jar Jar Binks t-shirt?

...Homer's Iliad?

If you could only pick ONE of the following items in the next six groups, which would it be? (i.e. by picking the ONE, you can no longer have/possess the others, EVER)

...Group 1...

...Group 2...

...Group 3...

...Group 4...

...Group 5...

...Group 6...

When was Superman The Movie released?

If you encounter the above symbol while doing work, what should you do?

Do you recognize the above thingy?

Have you ever...

...extrapolated and interpolated?

...converted between Rankine and Kelvin?

...and it WASN'T for work or school?

...used a computer with less than 512KB of RAM?

...and still mess around on it?

...played a game for more hours than you got sleep that day?

...and are now just taking a break from it?

...accessed a website via its IP address?

...and you didn't have to look it up?

...owned a lightsaber?

...and have it clipped to your belt, right now?

...argued about which Super Hero is best?

...and it ended up getting physical?

...owned multiple books on a single historical person or event (not just a history book)?

...and have read one or more of them in the past month?

...taken apart a DVD or VHS player?


Okay, last question. Do you think you're a nerd?

Please allow at least 15-30 seconds to process your score before clicking twice.
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